Monday, February 6, 2012


Something significant will happen today at 10am pacific time in Fullerton, California.  It happens each Monday morning at the same time. And, it's a big deal. So big, in fact, that tens of thousands of people wait for it every week.

So, what's everyone waiting for, you wonder? Well...

Sevenly is releasing a brand new, limited edition t-shirt!

I can almost hear the collective- Oh, great, a new t-shirt? How is that a big deal?

Since Sevenly was founded in June of 2011, by Dale Partridge, 26, and Aaron Chavez, 19, these t-shirts have raised over $227,000 for 34 different charities.
Not only have they raised a significant amount of money, they have also created awareness and prompted a faithful following for the charities featured on the t-shirts. That's a big, life changing deal!

Here are a few fun facts about Sevenly.

Sevenly's business method is built around the number seven.
 *Their company name, for starters. 
 *For each shirt purchased, $7 is donated to charity.
 *The money benefits causes in 7 main categories- slavery, clean water, hunger,  poverty, medical, disaster relief and miscellaneous aid.
 *Each cool, creative, limited edition t-shirt is only available for 7 days.

Every week the new charity has a video, links to their website and interesting information about the work they do.

The Sevenly site is fun to visit. Lots of creativity displayed that keeps things interesting.

So, what can you do to help Sevenly?

Follow them on facebook or twitter.

Subscribe to their blog.

The next time you or your spouse or your teenager or a friend need a shirt, check Sevenly first.

Be sure to learn about the cause featured on your t-shirt. When people ask about your cool shirt, and they will, share what you know about that organization (and Sevenly.)

In case you're interested- here's my t-shirt review- 
I own three of them now. They are high quality. I have not had them shrink or fade and I wear them all the time!

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