Monday, May 7, 2012

A simple assignment

Friday evening I received my first assignment as a Compassion Blogger. It seemed like an easy first assignment. I was excited. It was pretty straightforward. Simply read the blog posts from fellow Compassion Bloggers on their trip to Tanzania, share the ones I found especially meaningful with my readers and then write about what I learned from their trip when they get back.

Nothing difficult about that, right?

Ha. Every post that I've read by these passionate, motivating, gifted writers, has been meaningful. Every picture breathtaking. Every story real and moving. No gimmicks or manipulation, just love being shared and hearts being changed. Pretty much every post has reduced me to tears.

Each post has a beautiful story to tell, but since it's getting late, if you read nothing else tonight, grab your tissue box and read this one, then let go.

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