Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I snapped this picture the other day. The droplets of rain were what grabbed my attention. Cool. Refreshing. Pure. Life.

There has only been one time in my life when I did not have immediate access to clean water, but I've never forgotten it. Real thirst makes a lasting impression.

We were in the Ukraine on a short term mission trip. The group we traveled with supplied us with bottled water for the 2 plus weeks we would stay with our host family. During our training meetings we had repeatedly been reminded of the importance of only drinking the water the sending organization supplied. But, they assured us, plenty of water would be given to each team, so it would not be an issue.

When we reached the home we would be staying, our host family told us they would keep the bottled water in the kitchen for us. We protested, but we didn't want to be rude or damage our newly forming relationship, so when they insisted, we let it go.

Within just a few days all of our water had been used up. I remember feeling a little panicky.  Now the only beverages we could drink were hot tea and hot coffee since anything besides bottled water needed to be boiled.  Normally that would be OK, I enjoy both. Over the next two days the temperatures hit 104 degrees.  All I really wanted was cold water. There were a few instances that it was all I could really even think about.

We obviously made it through the two weeks, but even after almost 14 years I still remember how badly I wanted a cold drink of water and the desperate feeling that came with that longing.

Everyday, all around the world, people live without access to water. The lack of clean water creates all kinds of issues. There are the obvious ones- stomach bugs, parasites, diarrhea, sickness of all kinds. Death.

Then there are things that we can hardly fathom. Young children walking for miles to fetch clean water, giving up the opportunity to attend school. Women being raped on their way to the river. Children being abused in exchange for water.

The truth is in our world, we should not have a water crisis. This is a problem we can solve.

The following organizations fight tirelessly to find the solution:


Living Water International

Blood Water Mission

Will you take a minute to check out the work they are doing? If providing clean water is something you feel passionate about, here are just a few ways you can be involved.

Adopt a village

Make a Lemon:Aid stand for Water

Help drill a well

Make a donation to NeverThirst, Living Water International or Blood Water Mission.

Let's put an end to the crisis--in Jesus name.

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