Monday, January 16, 2012

Compassion International

Compassion International was founded in South Korea in 1952.  When Everett Swanson, an American Evangelist, was preaching in that country he felt moved to help 35 children who had been orphaned during the Korean conflict.

That act of obedience by Reverend Swanson resulted in the worldwide ministry now known as Compassion International. Each year through Compassion's ministries over 1.2 million children benefit.

Here is how you can be involved...

*Most likely, Compassion's most well know program is child sponsorship. This program changes over one million lives each year. Through sponsorship there is opportunity to correspond with your child, receive letters and updates from him and pray for your child. Sponsorship funds provide healthy food, involvement of a local church, the message of God's love, educational opportunities and medical checkups.

*Through the centers listed below, the Child Survival Program saves the lives of mothers and their children. Local churches in the communities listed below assist in giving mothers the tools they need to allow their children a chance for healthy development.

Cite Chauvel Child Survival Program (HAITI)
Bethlehem Child Survival Program (HAITI)
Mineros San Juan CSP (BOLIVIA)
Nuevo Amanecer Child Survival Program (PERU)
Ebenezer Child Survival Program (INDIA)
Batong Buhay Child Survival Program (PHILIPPINES)

*"Being born into poverty doesn’t stop the world’s best and brightest students. They are eager to learn, eager to make a difference in the world." The Leadership Development Program was created to make those dreams become a possibility.
Develop Future Leaders

*Meet Critical Needs such as diaster relief, infrastructure development, clean water, urgent medical needs.

Here is a snapshot of how donated funds are used...
Compassion International Charity Navigator rating

This short video clip of Dr. Wess Stafford, President of Compassion International and author of the book Too Small to Ignore, leaves us with a beautiful reminder of the importance of every act of kindness in the lives of children.

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