Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A different kind of blog (at least for me.)

I have a love/hate relationship with blogging. I love having my blog to parse out my thoughts and feelings, but I struggle with just "letting the chips fall where they may". I've always had a little war going on inside me. On one side, I desire to be the real me on my blog (and in life). On the other side, being real means taking the risk of being disliked or misunderstood, neither of which appeal to me.  In other words, blogging is not easy for me. 

So, it came as a surprise to me back in October when I had the idea of starting a new blog. I knew immediately what I should name it, which was really something since it took me days to name my other one. I also knew exactly what I was supposed to do with it. Yet, I stalled because I listened to the doubts that sprang up- "Do we really need another blog about injustice?"  "I'm a mediocre writer, at best.", etc.  But, I couldn't get away from knowing that this was what I needed to do. When I came to terms with that, I started getting excited.

Here's the goal for this new blog...

For each week of 2012, I will highlight a Christian Injustice fighting organization. Orphan Care, adoption, community building, etc. The goal is to identify each company's mission, purpose, the difference they are making and the ways that people can get involved. It's kind of like a Julie and Julia kind of concept, without the foie gras or the messy kitchen. :)

My prayer for the readers of this blog is that each person will find an organization that resonates with them and can then find a way to get involved in fighting injustice in the way God has planned for them.
There can be the temptation when we help others living in poverty to see ourselves as the rescuers. True religion that we see in James 1:27 is not done out of duty or charity or guilt. It requires a pure heart and carefully examined motives. We are not the rescuers. We are not any one's salvation. We, as believers, are simply the hands and feet of Jesus. We get to bring the good news of the gospel that changes hearts, motivations and lives. The purification of the heart that comes with salvation is the only thing that will bring real change in the world. The "poor" that God calls us to minister to are real people, with amazing strength, hopes and dreams, beautiful people with stories of endurance and character.  May we never see them as only pictures on a billboard or images from a Sally Struther's commerical.

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  1. i just found your blog today and love this idea! all these posts are really wonderful. there is so much good stuff out there people don't know about. thanks for the time you're putting into each entry! you are a blessing to me!