Saturday, April 21, 2012

More on Adoption fundraising...

Here are two additional companies with a heart for people and adoption.

Please check them out and pass the word along to someone you know in the process of an adoption if you think these fundraisers would work for their family.

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Here's how MudLOVE bands work:

1.  Pick your word. It could be your child's country of origin, a word that is meaningful to your family through the journey, etc.

2.  Choose your band color.
3.  Decide on the quantity (the more you purchase, the better the price)

4.  Simply email your order to
    - Example:  "Journey" x 100, 50 blue, 50 red

5.  Watch for your invoice. When you receive it,  make your payment. Every five dollars you spend purchasing your fundraising bracelets helps give an African clean drinking water for a year! These little bracelets pack a double blessing.
6.  Receive package & start selling Mudlove bands!!!
    - All packages are shipped 2-3 day priority mail 2-4 weeks after the total invoice is paid (depending on order size)

7. Anything you make over the price of your invoice will be your profit to use toward your adoption. This program works for both domestic and foreign adoptions.

To find out more about pricing or to get your sale started- check out the MudLOVE site.


 Everyone loves a fun t-shirt! Adoption Bug (now partnering with Show Hope) is a great little company that allows adoptive families (domestic or foreign adoptions) to sell up to 6 t-shirts from their fundraiser t-shirt designs. Once the adoptive family has filled out the required paperwork, Adoption Bug will set up an online store for their family. There is no start up cost or minimum orders. All the adoptive family needs to do is promote their sale. Adoption Bug even helps on that front with product photos, fundraiser store links and online banners. Adoptive families earn 25-45% of the sales, depending up on the product sold.

If you are interested in more information or getting the fundraising process started send an email to with the following information: name, country you’re adopting from, where you are in the process, agency name, and your email address.

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